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You can add value to your results by selecting tags that you think are good descriptors for the content. These tags, added by you, help to further describe the item and make it more accessible to others. Think of the tags as labels for each resource.

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Search Tips

Quick Finds

The Quick Finds section at the top right of the homepage provides a convenient way to search by grade range, agency, or science subject. Selecting any of the terms listed will execute a search for that term.

Get Widget

You can post our search widget to your website by copying and pasting a small section of script into your source code. Get the widget.


A. Searching for individual terms does not require a special syntax. For example, a search for DOG will return all results that contain the term DOG

B. Special term prefix syntax, used by some search engines such as Alta Vista, is supported. For example, searching on +DOG -CAT will return results that contain DOG but not CAT

Case Sensitivity  

A. Search terms are case insensitive. A term entered in either upper case, lower case, or mixed case will find/match terms that are in the bibliographic citation and/or the full text in upper case, lower case, and/or mixed case. 

B. Example: Searching for Quark, quark, QUARK, or quARK will return the same results. 

C. HOWEVER, Boolean Operators (see more info below) must be capitalized. To search for both cat and dog, the correct term is cat AND dog. To search for dog but exclude cat, the term is dog NOT cat

Wildcard Operators are not functional at this time.  

Phrase/Adjacent Terms  

A. Phrases (adjacent terms) can be searched for by using double quotes. For example, a search for "BIG EXPLOSION" will return results that contain the term BIG immediately followed by the term EXPLOSION

B. Phrases can be joined together using Boolean Operators. For example, a search for "DOG HOUSE" AND "DOG RESIDENCE" will return results that contain both the phrase "DOG HOUSE" and the phrase "DOG RESIDENCE". Boolean operators must be in full caps (OR, AND, NOT). OR is not currently functional. 


A. Boolean operators must be in full caps to work correctly.

B. Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

C. The OR operator is currently not functional.

D. Searches for DOG AND CAT will return results that contain both DOG and CAT.

1. Searches for DOG NOT CAT will return results that contain DOG and do not contain CAT.

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Viewing PDF Documents

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